Dream Sessions - Portland (Work in Progress)

client: Goh Nakamura

role: cinematographer, location sound

In this web series created by singer/songwriter Goh Nakamura, Goh meets and sometimes collaborates with musicians in recording studios around North America to witness their artistic process.

Working as a solo documentarian, I followed Goh and Tomo Nakayama at Type Foundry recording studio and around Portland.

Year of the Dragon

client: Colorful Mamas of the 99%

role: field producer, cinematographer, location sound, editor

I was contacted by activist group Colorful Mamas of the 99% to cover their planned action on Bank of America following Occupy Oakland. Whereas I worked with a second shooter to cover the group's previous action on Wells Fargo a couple months prior (video on my nonfiction page), I covered this even solo.

Light Candles

client: Reboot

role: cinematographer, location sound

One of a series of short web videos exploring the practice of shabbat in modern life.

I worked with a producer who conducted the interviews. In addition to the interview and b-roll for this video, I also shot the clips used in the Ten Principles section, most of which were drawn from other videos in the series.

Los Ojos de Victor (work in progress)

client: self-produced

role: field producer, director of photography, location sound, editor

While traveling in Cuba in January 2017, my companions and I made the acquaintance of Victor Mora, a painter and educator. This video is a work in progress intended as the seed for an expanded project on community artists in Cuba and around the world. After rough translation of the interviews, I wrote and assembled the initial cut then worked with via shared spreadsheet with the NY-based director as well as side-by-side with the Oakland director.

BTS - What You Don't See

client: WritersCorp, San Francisco Arts Commission

role: cinematographer, photographer, location sound, producer, editor

A look into the production of a writing & performance project by teen moms in San Francisco.

I photographed classroom activities (still and motion) and conducted the interviews of students with the assistance of teaching artist Annie Rovzar, who I later interviewed. Performance footage, theater b-roll and theater interviews were provided by the American Conservatory Theater.

Parkour Asian America

client: Hyphen

role: producer, cinematographer, location sound, editor, still photographer

Entering the world of parkour in the SF Bay Area though the perspectives of four different Asian American tracers.

I worked with the writer to conduct interviews, shoot action video as well as still photos for print and web. Being one of my first video projects, sound leaves a bit to be desired as I had not yet obtained a wireless lav and was working with just a camera-mounted mic.