CAA Awards Sandy Close (Work in Progress)

client: Kevin D Wong (director)

role: cinematographer, location sound

*** one-light color grade- not final ***

Video for awards presentation to Sandy Close by Chinese for Affirmative Action.

What is Spruce?

client: Spruce

role: cinematographer, location sound

Explainer video for Spruce health platform based.

Light Candles

client: Reboot

role: cinematographer, location sound

One of a series of short web videos exploring the practice of shabbat in modern life.

All I Wanted to Say

client: Silvia Girardi

role: producer, cinematographer, location sound, editor

Promotional piece for a theater production in San Francisco.


Learn to Share

client: The Colorful Mamas of the 99%

role: cinematographer, location sound, editor

As part of Occupy Oakland, a group of mothers organize a demonstration with their children.