Los Ojos de Victor (work in progress)

client: self-produced

role: field producer, director of photography, location sound, editor

password: eyesofvictor

While traveling in Cuba in January 2017, my companions and I made the acquaintance of Victor Mora, a painter and educator. This video is a work in progress intended as the seed for an expanded project on community artists in Cuba and around the world. After rough translation of the interviews, I wrote and assembled the initial cut then worked with via shared spreadsheet with the NY-based director as well as side-by-side with the Oakland director.

Shot primarily on Sony DSLRs with on-camera shotgun mic (some clips on Black Magic Pocket Cine Camera). Since we didn't know before arriving in Cuba if we'd find a story or hang out on the beach for a week, the camera package was chosen for portability and small footprint.

20 Years of Youth Voices

client: WritersCorps, San Francisco Arts Commision

role: videographer, location sound, photographer, editor

To celebrate their twentieth anniversary, I worked with WritersCorps to produce a video based on interviews with four students. We collaborated via email for an initial cut and two rounds of edits; I helped select and edit soundbites to construct the narrative.

Along with the compilation video, three students were featured in shorter breakout videos for social media. In addition to presentation at an end-of-year event, the longer video was intended for use in grant applications.

What You Don't See - Behind the Scenes

client: WritersCorp, San Francisco Arts Commission

role: videographer, still photographer, location sound, producer, writer, editor

A look into the process of writing & performing by teen moms in San Francisco. I photographed classroom activities (still and motion) and conducted the interviews of students with the assistance of teaching artist Annie Rovzar, who I later interviewed. Performance footage, theater b-roll and theater interviews were provided by the American Conservatory Theater.

The Canopy (mood video)

client: Good Neighbors Media

role: videographer, editor, screenwriter

Along with director Jennifer Phang (Advantageous, The Expanse, Cloak & Dagger), I am writing the screenplay for The Canopy, a feature film about a fixer-turned-farmer's-wife teaming up with morally-challenged tech billionaire in search of a climate scientist in exile. I shot the bulk of this footage during a research and relationship-building trip in East Malaysia. It is used as a mood reference for potential collaborators.

Dream Sessions - Portland (Work in Progress)

client: Goh Nakamura

role: videoographer, gaffer, location sound

In this web series, singer/songwriter Goh Nakamura meets and sometimes collaborates with musicians in recording studios to witness their artistic process. For this episode, I traveled to Portland and enjoyed being a fly-on-the-wall during a two-day recording session with Seattle musician Tomo Nakayama.

Shot on Canon DSLR with suitcase-sized lighting, camera and audio kit.

Marriott Renaissance Long Beach Hotel

client: Marriott

role: director of photography, editor

As part of a larger identity shift, the Long Beach Renaissance wanted to highlight the hip and edgy aspects of the local area and feature the local music group Queen Califia. I was the primary cameraperson on the intial shoot with additional footage from the director; editing was performed mostly remotely taking notes from client via email.

Deliverables included one longer video for the hotel's website and four shorter for their social media channels (two of four included here).