Learning to Share

client: Colorful Mamas of the 99%

role: field producer, cinematographer, location sound, editor

I was contacted by the Colorful Mamas of the 99% to cover their planned action at Wells Fargo during Occupy Oakland. Aside from their activism, many Mamas were teachers, journalists and community organizers so were quite media savvy; they wanted a video to ensure the lessons of the day would be shared with more than just their children.

Sitting on Cash

client: SEIU-USWW

role: videographer, editor

In the wake of Occupy, janitors march for fair compensation in Palo Alto, California. I shot and editing this video in under 24 hours from the start of the demonstration to the video's release on social media as part of the unions effort to rally its members before a potential strike.


20 Years of Youth Voices

client: WritersCorps, San Francisco Arts Commision

role: videographer, location sound, photographer, editor

To celebrate their twentieth anniversary, I worked with WritersCorps to produce a video based on interviews with four students. We collaborated via email for an initial cut and two rounds of edits; I helped select and edit soundbites to construct the narrative.

Along with the compilation video, three students were featured in shorter breakout videos for social media. In addition to presentation at an end-of-year event, the longer video was intended for use in grant applications.

Kurbo - IxDA awards

client: Cooper

role: editor

Drawing on a range of assets including professionally-captured video, self-operated designer statements, and screenshots, I edited this explainer video for presentation at an awards event. Due to the varying quality of the raw materials, both aesthetically and technically, many of the assets required some combination of color grading and/or audio processing, reframing, stabilization, and animation to make a cohesive final product.

Marriott Renaissance Long Beach Hotel

client: Marriott

role: director of photography, editor

As part of a larger identity shift, the Long Beach Renaissance wanted to highlight the hip and edgy aspects of the local area and feature the local music group Queen Califia. I was DP'd the shoot with additional footage a second camera and a drone; editing was performed mostly remotely taking notes from client via email.

Deliverables included one longer video for the hotel's website and four shorter for their social media channels (two of four included here).