Los Ojos de Victor (work in progress)

client: self-produced

role: field producer, director of photography, location sound, editor

This video is a work in progress intended as the seed for an expanded project on community artists in Cuba and around the world. After rough translation of the interviews, I wrote and assembled the initial cut then worked remotely with the NY-based director as well as side-by-side with the Oakland director.

Marriott Renaissance Long Beach Hotel

client: Marriott

role: editor, videographer

Promotional video highlighting "Business Unusual" lifestyle of the hotel and eclectic local area.


client: Cooper

role: editor

Cooper, a design and strategy firm, shows off their Kurbo app for the 2016 Interaction Design Association Awards. This video integrates professionally recorded interviews and b-roll, self-shot client explanation footage, and animations of still graphics.


The Canopy - Borneo Locations Research

client: Good Neighbors Media

role: cinematographer, editor

Locations research/lookbook created for The Canopy, The Stream, The Sea (feature film in development).


client: self-produced

role: writer, director, cinematographer, editor

Short film about the practice and challenges of love and parkour.